Women's Ministry:

Opportunities for all to fill their souls

Women's Ministry at East Main seeks to help women cultivate relationships that foster spiritual well-being through Christian growth, fellowship, and service. East Main women build a sisterhood that bolsters all of us in the midst of both the joyous moments and the dark times of life. We strive to be a light to the world, hope to the weary, comfort to the downtrodden, and peacemakers in the midst of chaos. 

In what ways are you blessed to be a blessing? How can you share with other women in fostering spiritual growth, connecting through fellowship, and making an impact in service both near and far? 

Let us be filled with joy as we seek and serve together!.

  • Spiritual growth happens through many different experiences, centered on Biblical reading, teaching, and discussion. East Main offers different Bible studies/small groups for women to disciple and to be discipled. Click here to learn more about East Main's opportunities for women to deepen their faith and to expand their knowledge about Christ so to live everyday for Christ.

  • Gathering in joy to praise, to sing, to laugh, to cry, and to eat together helps women cultivate relationships built on Christ's love. Click here to learn more about opportunities to build these life-bolstering connections with other women as well as ways to volunteer to help make these gatherings possible.

  • East Main has a vibrant history of supporting and working to spread God's love across our community and the world. We hope to be the hands and feet of our Father as we help to share the gospel, to feed the hungry, to cloth the needy, and to make life  better, as best we can, for as many  people as possible. Click here to learn more about ways to participate in various service and mission opportunities both within our church and beyond.

Contact us Through Facebook or email

Women's Ministry Leadership Team, a group of East Main women who are working hard to provide opportunities for every woman to thrive and to grow in their relationship with Christ and with other sisters in the faith. All are welcome to participate and/or to volunteer in our spiritual growth, fellowship, and service opportunities. 

Stay informed about the latest updates to events and Biblical blessings by visiting our East Main Women Facebook  page.  

Have ideas for new opportunities for Women's Ministry to expand? Have questions? Contact the Leadership Team co-leaders Tracy Jackson & Mary Wike at womensministry@eastmainpc.org to share your thoughts.