What's a presbyterian?

The word “Presbyterian” comes from the Bible, from the Greek word for “elder.” The Presbyterian denomination takes its name from its form of church government, which is to be governed by elders. The Presbyterian Church is a representative form of church government in which the congregation elects church officers to lead the congregation. Our nation’s government was patterned after the Presbyterian representative model. 

The roots of the Presbyterian Church go all the way back to the Protestant Reformation, led by Martin Luther. In terms of core beliefs, Presbyterians have long emphasized the sovereignty of God, Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and the authority of the Bible as the main source for learning the truth about who God is and how God calls people to live.

ECO Affiliation

East Main is a part of ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians which is the newest Presbyterian denomination founded in January 2012. The founders of ECO explained that four descriptive words emerged when they were searching and praying for a name for this new denomination, namely:

Covenant - reminds us that God initiated a relationship with us that then connects us to each other.

Order - conveys commitment to live life together around a common theological core.

Evangelical - directs us to be witnesses to the hope of the gospel, engaged in our culture and planting missional communities.

Presbyterian - describes our style of government, but even more it describes our continuity with a larger, global family of faith.

For more information about ECO and for additional resources, please visit eco-pres.org or read the ECO Constitution.