Our newest Bible Reading Guide for Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 is available! Our desire is that this guide will encourage East Main attendees to read their Bibles for about 15 minutes a day and reflect on what they are reading.  We also encourage individuals to team up with others to discuss what they've read. If you would like to find a group in which to read and study this guide together, please contact the office.

As we head into the next season together, we challenge you to take up a habit that will enhance your understanding of God and stoke your love for Him.  If you are not already involved in a daily reading plan, we encourage you to take a booklet from the Welcome Center on a Sunday, or use our digital copy so we can learn, grow, and make a difference in our community together! 

Book Overview Videos From The Bible Project

This year we are supplying quick links to BibleProject.com videos that coincide with our Bible Reading Guide.  Below you will find a few pages of videos that give an overview of each book of the Bible we are studying.  These videos are found at bibleproject.com along with an immense library of other wonderful video resources.