Student Confirmation

East Main Youth Confirmation is a weekly spring program designed to prepare senior high underclassman students to grow into the fullness of faith and initiate them for faith-based participation in church life. Students will learn and discuss the basic tenets of the Christian life, such as Jesus and the Cross, the Holy Spirit, the Problem of Evil, the Sacraments, and more. 

East Main’s Mentor-based Confirmation Experience seeks to pair each participating student with an adult member / covenant partner at our church to share questions and explore faith, and to hear and see what it looks like to live out faith from someone farther along in the journey. This model provides students with an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with another adult in our congregation to examine their understanding of God, faith, and the Christian life.

This 20-week journey takes students through the readings of the Gospels, tackling the important and difficult questions of the faith, and listening and responding to a video series designed to further guide their discussions, ALPHA. ALPHA videos are a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation.

Students interested in registering for confirmation or who would like more information, please contact Luke Fugate or Melissa Danielson.