Covid-19 Statement


Updated Covid Guidelines: Please understand that we are diligently reviewing this fluid situation and are taking our cues from the CDC and State. We understand there are strong opinions about masking and vaccinations and our leadership board (session) has made the following decisions (for now) in this evolving situation. We very much appreciate your understanding and forbearance at this time.

That our indoor worship service Covid precautions reflect CDC guidelines as follows:

1. Attendees who have been fully vaccinated do not need to wear face coverings in the building for either service unless they are in the masks-only portion of the balcony (a space we are reserving for those wanting more caution)

2. Attendees not fully vaccinated are requested (per CDC guidelines) to wear face coverings and maintain social distance while in the building for our classic service.  They are requested to wear face coverings while entering and exiting the building for our contemporary service and while in the masks-only portion of the balcony. This is to help provide protection for your fellow attendees and their family who desire a vaccine but haven’t yet had the opportunity to receive one.

In addition to CDC guidelines:

1. We ask that attendees choosing to sit in the masks-only section of the balcony please continue to wear face coverings while there (as mentioned above).

2. The pews in the lower level of the sanctuary will remain marked for social distancing until those 12 years and older who desire to be vaccinated (with approval of parents for minors) have had the opportunity to do so.

*The leadership of East Main presents these guidelines as “honor system” requests, and will not be asking people if they have been vaccinated, or if not, why not.