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Our Classic Service is an hour long and includes music (primarily hymns with organ accompaniment), liturgy, and Bible-rich sermons.  Attendees are welcome to dress however they feel comfortable. 

Contemporary service is an hour long worship service including music led by our worship band, liturgy, and Bible-rich sermons. Attendees are welcome to dress however they feel comfortable.

CHILDREN: JAM Children's Ministry is back in session. Check-in is located at the base of the large stairwell by our Welcome Center (follow the signs). Parents can use the Cozy Place Space in our Welcome Center and moms can use our Mommy Suite right down the hall for squiggly little ones who find pew-sitting difficult. We always welcome children in service! More info is on our Children's Page.

*Both services will be live streamed and also available for viewing on our website (below), Facebook page and Youtube Channel shortly after they conclude.