Online Giving

Much like online banking, online giving allows members to budget their household finances by including recurrent gifts to the church.
Members can change their gifts at any time and can easily track their own giving and have continuous access to their statements. There are no fees or charges to the giver.  The church pays a nominal fee for the convenience and security this service provides.

Online Giving Instructions:


1. Click on the giving button below
2. Enter amount you wish you give
3. Enter your name
4. Enter your email
5. Choose the fund where you would like your donation to go
6. Choose one time or recurring gift
7. Choose bank or credit/debit card
8. Enter banking or card information
9. Click Give


online giving

Online Giving Security

Churchteams Give has point-to-point, end-to-end encryption which changes credit card information into code that can't be hacked or recognized. They are PCI Compliant which protects you in handling credit card information and keeps it safe to minimize data security issues. Fraud Prevention tools used by their team internally monitor your account and transactions for fraudulent activity.