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Displayed below are photographs of 32 worship banners made by deceased East Main member Peggy Fleming. Selected banners are displayed in the sanctuary throughout the year to create a more worshipful atmosphere. NOTE: There is a delay at the beginning while the photographs are loading -- please be patient.


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  •  Emmanuel
  • Praise Him
  • Alleluia
  • Amazing Grace
  • Wedding
  • Come Holy Spirit
  • King of Kings
  • You Are Witnesses
  • Bless the Lord
  • Every Knee
  • God Alone
  • Hosanna
  • Lord of the Universe
  • Love One Another
  • Holy One
  • Who Was and Is
  • I am the Way
  • He is Alive
  • Rejoice He Come
  • If My People
  • A Woman Who Fears
  • Love the Lord
  • You Will Be
  • His Mercies
  • Sing for Joy
  • Merciful Gracious
  • Come Let Us Return
  • Jesus Savior
  • With His Stripes
  • Broken Poured Out
  • I Wait for the Lord
  • Set Free