What's Available Here?


Welcome! Listed below is a brief description of the features and pages included in this website. Your comments, corrections and/or suggestions about this website are welcome and encouraged: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The purpose of this web site is threefold:

  • Acquaint visitors, new members and prospective members with East Main Church.
  • Inform and remind current members of the many ways people at East Main Church are serving the Lord and developing a closer personal relationship with Him.
  • Provide information and ideas not readily available elsewhere to anyone who passes this way.

Navigation Features

In obedient response to God's calling to all Christians to make disciples of Jesus Christ, this website is designed to provide helpful information for people with varying Christian backgrounds -- most especially people who are not familiar with or do not understand Christian terminology, concepts and/or traditions. To make this website more user-friendly, the following navigation aids are used:

  • glossary tag - clicking on this icon provides a definition of the word or words immediately to the left of the icon.
  • more tag - clicking on this icon provides additional information about the current topic.
  • email - clicking on this icon provides an email address.
  • callout - every Scripture reference in this website is a link. When the mouse is pointed at a Scripture reference, such as Luke 2:1, a yellow callout is displayed with three links in it:
    • Click on the left link to display the context of the selected Scripture passage,
    • Click on the center link to display a commentary on the selected Scripture passage, and
    • Click on the right link to play an audio recording of the selected Scripture passage.
  • top button - to return to the top of the page currently displayed, click on the TOP button displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.


Another navigation aid in this website is the narrow column on the left side of each page called a sidebar. The information in the sidebar varies somewhat from page to page, as follows:

  • Search box - the first item in the sidebar on every page is the Search box. When looking for information on a specific topic, simply enter the topic, e.g. Youth Club, in the Search box and press the Enter key on the keyboard. A list will appear quickly showing every place in this website where that topic appears.
  • Home page - all the other items in the sidebar on the home page appear only on the home page and consist primarily of brief announcements of special events/activities or new features added to the website recently.
  • Section table of contents - the main menu bar located near the top of each page divides the content of this website into nine sections starting with HOME and ending with CONTACT. When one of those sections is selected, the submenu for that section, if one exists, is displayed in the sidebar with the heading "In This Section" for quick access to its content.
  • Current page table of contents - pages with a large amount of content, such as the International Missions page in the Missions section, also have a table of contents listed in the sidebar for that page for easy access to that information.

Expanded Website Accessibility

responsive web design smallUsing new technology called "responsive web design", this website can be accessed using devices ranging from a desktop computer to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Try it ... you'll like it! Each page of this website automatically adjusts to the size and shape of the device you are using. Now, you can access East Main Church's website using your desktop computer at home and also when you are on the go using your smartphone or tablet to check the upcoming events or read the recommended daily Bible passage.

Privacy Policy

East Main Church's privacy policy for this website is accessible at the bottom of every page. Each person accessing this website is urged to read this brief privacy policy statement before using this website.


ABOUT section

  • Denomination (ECO) - learn about East Main's new denomination ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.
  • Leadership - names of elected church leaders and a brief description of areas of responsibility for each group of leaders.
  • In Remembrance - a list of former East Main members who have passed on within the last couple years.
  • Church History - a brief history of East Main Church, a list of pastors who have served this church since its founding in 1879 and a list of East Main's denominational affiliations.

JOIN US! section

  • This section is designed to welcome those who might be looking for a church home. It includes a list of first-time visitor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a map showing how to get to East Main Church.

WORSHIP section

  • Banners - a display of 32 worship banners made by deceased East Main member, Peggy Fleming.
  • Sermons - in addition to listening to recent sermons, sermon notes are now included (when available) and sermon recordings can be downloaded to a portable audio player.


  • What's Here - this page.
  • Glossary - brief, simple definitions of common Christian terms are provided here to facilitate a clearer and deeper understanding of the ideas and concepts presented here. Clicking on the more tag icon when it appears at the end of a definition will provide additional insight into the meaning of the word being defined.
  • Bible Reading - advice on why we should read and study the Bible regularly and a list of several Bible reading plans.
  • Prayer Life - an explanation of what prayer is, why we should pray and how to pray.  
  • Church Library - general information about the expanded and well organized church library plus a list of recent acquisitions.
  • Photos and Videos - a repository of assorted slideshows, photo albums and church-related videos.
  • Links - quick access to relevant web sites including all the web sites currently available for all the churches in the ECO denomination.