Volunteer Forms


free playThank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer in our children and youth ministries at East Main Presbyterian Church! We are looking forward to connecting with you!

PA state laws require that all non-profit volunteers and paid staff who work with children and youth must complete a series of clearances and have them on file with the organization.

Each adult volunteer will need to have the 4 following documents on file with our church to serve with children and youth:

  1. Completed East Main Presbyterian Church Child and Youth Certifications form
  2. Copy of your original PA Child Abuse History Clearance report
  3. Copy of your original PA State Police Criminal Record Check clearance report
  4. Copy of your East Main Presbyterian Church Long-Term Pennsylvania Resident Volunteer Exception OR FBI Criminal Background Check clearance report (*note carefully which form you will need)

Each of the documents you need and links to websites for the background checks are listed below:

      * East Main Presbyterian Church Child and Youth Volunteer Certifications form: click here

      * East Main Presbyterian Church Long-Term Pennsylvania Resident Volunteer Exception form: click here

      * Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance: 

            - to apply online: 

            - to apply via postal mail:

      * Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check: 

      * FBI Criminal Background Check (required for anyone who has been a resident in PA for LESS than 10 years): 


PLEASE NOTE: When you go to FBI Criminal Background Check (https://www.pa.cogentid.com/index.htm), you will see a series of different departments you can select to register through. Please register through the DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES in order to receive an OFFICIAL copy of your FBI Clearance. When you register through the Department of Education you will only receive an "unofficial" copy for your use.


If you have questions or need assistance with this process, please call the Director of Children's Ministries, Amy Biddle, or the Youth Pastor, Melissa Danielson at 724-458-8270. 

Thank you for making this investment in the safety, integrity, and excellence of our ministries with children and youth!